Monday, February 17, 2020

January Reflections

Sorry, I don't have a clever title for January. But nonetheless, here are my reflections on January!

I have a love/dislike relationship with January. I dislike it because it is so busy. New things are beginning, and it is hard to become familiarized with my new schedule. My weeks during this month tend to fly by and be scattered because I'm just trying to keep my head above water with everything I need/want to do.
But I love the newness and refreshment it brings. I love the feeling of setting new goals. I love looking back on the previous year and seeing how faithful and consistent God was. Looking at the celebrations, heartbreak, accomplishments, and failures... God was with me through it all. I'm so thankful for Him and how He loves and cares for me!

January was a whirlwind, but there were so many fun things that happened. See below!

Staff Retreat

We started off the New Year at a four-day retreat for our entire staff. ALL of our campus ministers stayed in a couple of cabins near Austin. It was SO fun! I really felt like I was able to connect with people that I have not gotten to interact with, whether it's because we are at different campuses or that we had just come from a two-week break. The pic below is of a couple of my sweet friends using some of the time for face masks, because you know... why not??

Since we are beyond recognition, from left to right:
Jacy, me, Emily, and Adriana
Winter Camp

Our other big event for January was Winter Camp!! The event of the year!!! All TEN of our campus ministries came together for a weekend at a camp called Sky Ranch. This year we did a sermon series on Psalms, put on by our wonderful staff. We did lots of worship sets, one of which I got to help lead, which was such an honor. We also had a dance party and lots of free time for our Core (small group) to bond and do fun things together. Let me put this in perspective: Most of our students paid $160 to come for the weekend. This is money they spent because they see the value of community. They gave up study time, and even just a free weekend, to learn more about God and be in the presence of His people. This is SO cool! It is definitely one of the best events we continue to do as a ministry. I attended Winter Camp for all four years of college. This was my 5th Winter Camp, but first experience as a staff member, and it was incredible to see how much work our staff puts into this event. So overall, it was awesome.

My sweet Core at Winter Camp!

My beautiful, sweet friend and co-leader Emily

So fun to get to experience camp with my sissy!

This is how we capture attention during the sermon time for college students... This is Rhett and an example of the slides that he is known for!


Showcase 2020 is JUST around the corner! This is an event we put on every year to help our students get fundraised for SICM.
SICM stands for the Student Institute of Campus Ministry. It is a conference held in Bellingham, WA that teaches students more about campus ministry, and how to evangelize on their campuses. Every year we invite students to attend this conference so they can come back to our campuses and be better equipped to reach people! That being said, this trip is NOT cheap. It is a little under $1000 per student for their flight, lodging, the conference itself, and some meals.
SO, every year we have many talented performers in our community put on a show! There are lots of different types of performances including country, folk, classic rock, rap, big band, improv, and MORE! We also have an art show where talented people from our community handmake or sell their own art.
I want to invite you to attend and support next year's group of potential leaders of our ministries, and get a little taste of the work we are doing on these campuses!
Plus, my sister and I are performing once or twice :)
Here are all the details about the show!

If you cannot make it to the show but still want to give, please reach out to me and let me know, and I can help with that. We would really appreciate it!

That is all for this month. Thank you so much for continuing to pray and support my ministry at UTD. You have no idea how much it means.