Tuesday, July 14, 2020

June Reflections!

Hello, friends!

Another month come and gone. The time passes by so slowly but so quickly in this "quarantine" season.

Here's a recap of June!

Book Club- This summer, our FOCUS staff at large is reading through a book called, "Pastor". We get split up into small groups and read a couple chapters a week, then meet up or Zoom to talk about it. I am in a group with Brandon (UTD), Sarah G (UTD), Austin G (UTA), Ryan (UNT), and Shayla (UNT). It has been so cool getting to know some of our staff from different campuses and hear their thoughts on what we are reading! I'll try to take a picture next time so you can see their beautiful faces :)

TNF- TNF stands for "Thursday Night Fellowship". For those of you new to my blog (hi!), this is our large-group meeting. During the school year, these fellowship gatherings are campus-specific. But during the Summer, we get all of our campuses together! It is such a sweet time. However, COVID has changed the format of how we do TNF since a group of 200+ people is not recommended. We have a small group of staff who coordinates a live stream so that all of our students can still have a TNF experience! We also offer Zoom groups and have discussion questions throughout the sermon so that we have an interactive component. It definitely isn't the same, but it has been such a blessing!

Summer is normally such a fun time for me to get to connect to people who I typically don't spend time with. There are a lot of students who are in the area who I have gotten to spend some time with, whether it be walking, eating on patios, etc. With COVID, we have to get creative with our time together but it has been sweet to see and spend time with people.

Here are a few photos that I could scrounge together for June... I promise I'll be better about remembering so I can put some faces to names!!

Family walk on Father's Day! 

FaceTiming with my buddy Jack... he got a new dinosaur costume :)

This is one of my BFFs, Emily. She is on our UT Arlington staff, so we don't get to see each other too often. However, she is so dear to me! 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! My sweet brother, Jaron, graduated high school in an intimate, socially distanced ceremony. He will be attending Collin College in the Fall! So proud of him.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!! I really appreciate all of you!

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