Friday, February 5, 2021

January Reflections!

January is here! Our staff is so excited for it to be a new semester. 

Staff Retreat
In a normal year, we start off January with a staff retreat. The staff from all of our campuses stay in some cabins near Austin, TX. We have morning and evening sessions discussing a book and talking about ministry, and then have all day to play games, hike, eat, and have fun! It was smaller this year because of COVID, but I am so glad that we still chose to go. I am so blessed to get to work with such awesome, Godly people.

The Start of a New Semester! 
We are pumped for what God has in store for our ministry this Spring! The campus is still being pretty restrictive with what we can and cannot do, but there is more of a presence on campus than there was in the Fall! So we are hoping to heat up the value of Outreach in whatever ways we can. There are some students that lived at home last semester that moved back on campus, so there are still new faces that don't have a community in the area. Please be praying that our efforts in reaching people who really want to make connections will be fruitful.
We are also continuing with our Deep Dive this semester, switching gears to look at the Prophets. I have the honor of getting to preach tonight on the "Idol of Beauty" and am super excited about it! Be praying that the Spirit will speak through me and that he will give the people listening ears to hear what God might be trying to say to them. 

Behind the scenes at Deep Dive! 

That's all for this month, but we have some cool things happening in February that I'm excited to share with you! Until then, please keep praying that God would be moving on our campus. I am so thankful for your continued prayers in support. God has been so good to me through doing ministry, and it would not be possible without you! 

P.S. Here's just a funny picture for the month. One of the student leaders in my peer team, Jessica, pulled up next to me at a COVID testing site! 
So in addition to praying for our ministry, continue to pray that the Pandemic would be over soon :-)

Love you guys!