Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Once a Comet... (keep reading for exciting news!!!)


I am excited to announce that I have committed to three more years as a full-time campus minister at UTD!! Whoosh!! 

My time as an apprentice for FOCUS has been so transformative. I have learned so much about the heart of God through studying scripture, interacting with His people, and being trained in ministry by some of the godliest people I know. After much prayer and consideration, I feel confident that God has led me to continue pursuing full-time campus ministry over the next few years. I could not be more excited!!
With that said, if you're reading this and are interested in how you could support and partner with me in my ministry, please contact me!! I would love to tell you about how you could get involved.
I'll leave my email at the end of this post, or you can message me on social media!

Ministry amidst COVID-19

Ministry obviously looks very different right now amidst COVID-19. But I have been so encouraged because a lot of what I did week to week on campus or in-person is continuing virtually! My staff meetings and Core (small group) are on Zoom, as well as my one-on-one bible studies! It has been so fun to get to see everyone's face and almost act as if we are sitting across the table from one another. We have done a couple themed nights for Core (Crazy socks, PJ's, and Easter best) which have been funny to see!
The UTD ministry is also live-streaming a service every Friday night in place of our in-person FNF, and that has been very uplifting. We host it in a garage and have worship, announcements, and a sermon/discussion time, as well as virtual events afterward (game nights, movie-watching, etc.). Our students can engage in the live-stream via chat and are so encouraging during the whole thing.
My sweet Core

Our staff meeting across all of our FOCUS campuses... there are over 50 people in this Zoom meeting, so not everyone is pictured :)

Even though this is a challenging season of life for us all, God has reminded me of His goodness and faithfulness as I continue to do my ministry. 
I would love to hear from some of you as to how you have been encouraged in this time! Good news is so uplifting to hear. 

Here are a couple of specific prayer requests for our ministry that come to mind:
- For our students in this time, as they continue to figure out what life looks like in this season of uncertainty
- For our staff as we navigate how to be the best ministers we can be in this time, and try to start planning for next year amidst the unknown of what Fall semester will look like

Thank you for your continued support! 
My email is kylie@anyfocus.org.