Monday, May 18, 2020

April Reflections!

Hello, Friends!

I am so appreciative of those of you who have supported me in this experience. All the prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support have enabled me to have the most transformative, joy-filled 10 months. Don't get me wrong, it's been hard. It has pushed me to the limit in many different ways. Character traits in me that don't reflect Jesus have been called out and challenged. Certain aspects of ministry have been really hard. The last months of a schoolyear that normally include end-of-year parties and last services and group fun have been rearranged and tainted because of COVID-19.
But the goodness that has come out of the apprenticeship has outweighed all the challenges.
When character traits have been called out or challenged, they have been ministered to by people who really love and care about me. When aspects of ministry have been difficult, people have come alongside me and helped me through it, or God has blessed me with really sweet times amidst the hard ones. And despite COVID-19 and what it means for the end of this apprenticeship, some really sweet conversations and experiences have come out of it. (Praise God for Zoom!!)
I'll speak more about my experience in its entirety in my next post, as it will be my last blog as an apprentice before transitioning onto full-time staff!

April Summary

Not much changed in April as almost all my meetings have remained virtual. I thought I would have a hard time filling my schedule when all of this started, but have been proven wrong as I have been busier in these last couple of months than the months before! I continue to do bible studies with girls that have been so life-giving at this time! Core (small group) over Zoom was definitely different, but I think the time we spent together was still very fruitful.
I have gotten to do a few socially-distanced walks or picnics with girls who live in the area. At the end of every one of them, I am so overcome with gratefulness towards God. Something that I used to take for granted is so treasured now. I feel that is something really good that has come out of this season with COVID-19; things that I didn't even think about before are things that I really thank God for now. Walking around an outside mall, going to the grocery store, hugging my family and friends, in-person time with people... I hope that I don't lose the joy or thankfulness I experience with those things now when all of this is past us!

Here are a few photos that I could scrounge together for the month!

Me and one of my best friends, Jack. I got to see him through the window and it was so very sweet!

My siblings and I enjoying Easter together

My BEAUTIFUL friend Zoe at our social-distance picnic

Another week, another Zoom pic of Core!!

Thank you so much for tuning in for the month! Love you all!